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BiT Marine Software - Online System

BiT has been developing marine management software since 1985, but we don't sell 30-year old technology.  Our systems have the robustness that can only be gained through over 30 years of feedback and refinement.  As technology and the needs of marine dealers, boatyards and marinas evolved, so has BiT.  We have developed a cloud-based version of our software that allows us to offer features that can't be provided as a traditional software installed on your server. BiT’s cloud-based software requires an internet connection and offers:

    • Mobile access on your PC, tablet or smartphone while at home, at a boat show, while traveling, etc.
    • Security of a server hosted by a top-tier company with redundancy you won't replicate with a server in your closet
    • Password-protected access
    • Remote access for mobile service techs to view inventory and produce repair orders in real time while on the job
    • Powerful Custom Report Writer
    • Continuous, daily and weekly backups
    • A test environment which provides a separate space for training or scenario-testing on real data
    • 256 bit SSL security

The online version of BiT Marine Software is hosted on our remote, professionally managed server, and we update and back it up for you so that you have no need to buy and maintain an expensive server. You focus on your customers, BiT will provide the systems to support you.

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