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Customer Success Stories

Bob Schubert, Sport Marine, Richmond, TX

“BiT adds to the bottom line in every way,” is how Bob Schubert of Sport Marine describes BiT Marine Software.

Operating out of Richmond, Texas, Sport Marine does boat rentals and charters, boat sales, service and repair.  The business uses three of BiT’s software modules: Sales and F&I; Parts & POS; Service Work Orders.

Bob said that he made the initial recommendation to purchase BiT software after reviewing other Sport Marine, bass fishingsoftware offerings in the market in 2007. “Most of what I saw was pretty cumbersome. Two things stood out about BiT: ease of use and the software’s comprehensiveness.”

He continued, “After purchasing BiT, the biggest improvement in our business came in the service area. The one thing I have found is that when you have well organized, clear, concise service documentation your customers have far fewer complaints about how their money’s being spent. BiT gives us better tracking and better record keeping.”

Bob said that BiT gives Sport Marine a much better handle on ongoing sales deals, volumes and the ability to track profits. “It also helps us weed out work that’s not profitable,” he said. In addition Bob described BiT’s customer service as “ Way beyond anything I ever expected. When you call support up on the phone they get it done.”

“We’re a very pleased customer,” he continued. “From a recommendation point of view I believe that, even if you’re a marginal (small) dealer you should consider BiT.”

Jim Duncan, Duncan's Boats, North Charleston, S.C.

Duncan’s Boats has been using BiT Marine software for five years. Located in North Charleston, SC, this family owned and operated dealership has been helping people enjoy the South Carolina waterfront since 1970.

Owner Jim Duncan believes that BiT dealership management software has helped his company BiT Software Duncan Boatsachieve back office efficiencies that would have been difficult with his previous software package. Duncan’s Boats is using BiT’s DMS modules for Sales, Finance & Insurance; Parts, POS & Inventory; Service & Work Orders; and Management Accounting.

“The sales, finance and insurance module really stands out,” Jim said. I can input a prospect’s information and have a proposal in front of him/her in minutes. Plus I can get all my prices updated easily.”

BiT Marine’s report builder has created additional efficiencies for Jim’s team. “Compared to the software we had before, reporting is much better and easier. I can find information easier and I can create my own reports in all the modules.”

Jim noted that one of the best parts about doing business with BiT was the personal, hands-on way in which BiT did their installation and training.

“When the company President comes walking in the door, that’s a really good signal,” he said. “He was very good with the installation and training. We were literally using the program when he left.”

“In addition, BiT’s customer service is phenomenal. If something comes up I can call and get support on the line in minutes. They're excellent.”

Jason Nelson, Chatlee Boats, Sanford, N.C.

“They’re great!”

That’s how Jason Nelson, of Chatlee Boats in Sanford, NC, describes BiT Marine Software. Jason said it’s "unbelievable" how much more efficient the service side of the business has become since using BiT DMS.

Chatlee Boats Sanford NCChatlee Boats started using BiT Marine’s Parts & POS and Service modules in 2006. The dealership added the Sales, Finance & Insurance module in 2008.

“With BiT, you can call them up and the people are really nice,” Jason said. “They don’t mind changing something in the system if it will meet my need. With other vendors it’s been ‘forget it’. We’ve never had a bad experience with BiT”.

Dave Williams, Norfolk Marine, Norfolk, VA

Norfolk Marine, based in Norfolk, VA, is a fairly recent but highly enthusiastic client of BiT Marine Software. Dave Williams of Norfolk Marine said of BiT: “Simply put, BiT is light years ahead of the competition. Trust me, we speak from hard experiBiT software Norfolk Marineence!”

“We converted from [a well-known, heavily marketed DMS vendor] in October 2009.  I would summarize our experience with [them] as:

  • -Costly in terms of support costs and fees
  • -Disappointing in terms of training
  • -Frustrating in terms of reliability. The program was “buggy” and needed constant babysitting
  • -Very inflexible in the interface between Parts & Accessories and Accounting
  • -Very limited in allowing operator control of price book loading, inventory control, order exporting and RO management”

Norfolk Marine, a Marine Industry Certified Dealership, uses four BiT DMS modules:Parts & POS; Management Accounting; Service Work Orders; Sales/F&I. The company is licensed for 10 users.

Like other BiT clients, Dave was impressed with BiT’s hands on style, especially in installation and training. “The company President personally arranged and conducted all our training,” Dave said.  “We were impressed by the personal touch and Ed was thorough and professional in every aspect of the training.

Dave continued, “We love the Report Builder routine. It is easy to use and very flexible. It is a great feature. We are very satisified with BiT and appreciate the monthly update and newsletter. Many good tips!”

Debbie Wirges, Lauderdale Marine, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Historic Lauderdale Marina is one of the oldest, and largest, marinas and boat dealers in south Florida. Established in 1948 by a future mayor of Ft. Lauderdale, Robert Cox, the business uses two installations of BiT Marine software, one for the marina and one for the dealership.

BiT DMS Lauderdale MarineLauderdale has been a happy BiT customer for more than 10 years, according to Debbie Wirges, Secretary and Treasurer. Debbie made the company’s original purchases of BiT Marine software.

Debbie described BiT as “fabulous”, especially in customer service. The company experienced a significant problem recently when a computer was accidentally shut down during a posting. “I was able to reach the company President on the phone while he was on vacation,” she said. “He took care of it. It was phenomenal. You can always reach someone there.”

“The Parts, POS & inventory module is really powerful,” Debbie continued. It takes all the legwork out of cost of sales. The costs are always accurate, which saves a lot of time for me.”

“I love working with BiT. It’s a great product,” Debbie said. They’re always working to improve it and they’re so willing to listen to my ideas and suggestions.”

Louise, York Road Marine, Pine Island, FL

York Road Marine serves the southwest Florida market including Ft. Myers, Cape Coral and its home base of Pine Island. After using BiT Marine software for six years this business is still sold on BiT, especially the service module.

Louise has been with York Road Marine for three years. She uses BiT’s Parts & POS module along with the Service Work Orders module. Louise noted that BiT’s automatic updating of parts and pricing data, at no extra charge, is a big plus.Photo taken at York Road Marine

“In addition, the Service Work Orders module really stands out,” said Louise. “As we go along on a job we can monitor costs and estimates. Some of these jobs take months to complete. With BiT software we get a view of profitability at any point in the timeline.”

“Also, BiT is flexible because it gives us the ability to tweak the profile of each individual work order,” she continued, “which is helpful because each one is different.”

Louise made a point of commending BiT’s customer service. “If there’s an issue we’ll email or call Support. Generally the problem gets taken care of quickly.”

Donald LaCharite, Old Salt Marine, Lakeland, FL

Old Salt Marine has been using BiT for over 3 years. Donald LaCharite, the owner, said, “We looked for 24 months and tried other software. We chose BiT because it seemed to be the easiest transition from what we were using (Peachtree Software). It was a great transition, really easy.”

Old Salt Marine uses three BiT software modules: Sales and F&I; Parts & POS;  Service Work Orders.Old Salt Marine logo

“BiT Marine’s Sales and F&I module really stands out in how it coordinates with the service side of the business,” LaCharite said. All the pieces and parts are accounted for from closing a deal to getting it rigged. You can enter items on the fly and you can close out the ticket at the end of a job and everything’s there.”

LaCharite also was impressed with BiT’s easy access to information. He said, “It’s easy to find the customer history and advance forward to create a sales ticket.

“We love working with BiT. I’d recommend that if anybody doesn’t have dealer software BiT would be a perfect fit. Or if anybody is using something that’s too complex they should switch to BiT…it’s a lot easier.”

Charlie Hammons, Charleston Marine, Charleston, W. VA

Charleston (WV) Marine is a recent addition to the BiT DMS customer lineup.  The popular West Virginia boat dealer has been using BiT Marine software since March 2011. The business uses four BiT modules: Parts & POS; Service Work Orders, Sales/F&I and Accounting.

“The company President came up and installed it himself,” said Charlie Hammons, the highest frequency user at Charleston Marine.

Charleston Marine“We were using [a competitor’s] software before and everything was hand written…it was a mess. I came from a motorcycle business where we used [an expensive competitor DMS]. BiT is the same as, sometimes better than, [the competitor].”

Charlie believes that BiT Marine software is creating significant efficiencies in both the parts and service functions of the business.

“Parts, to me, is the main hub of the whole system,” Hammons explained. “It’s making things a lot easier by uploading the parts information. For learning I email support regularly and it’s good, they’re there. The ability to combine so much and see where everything’s coming from and going to is amazing.”

Brian Lesko, Islamorada Boat Center, Islamorada, FL

Islamorada Boat Center made its initial BiT Marine Software purchase in January 2007. Today they use five modules: Parts & POS; Service Work Orders; Management Accounting; CRM; Slips, Storage & Rentals. They originally purchased BiT as part of a business expansion program.

Brian Lesko, the owner, said, “The install and training was painless. We didn’t have a system before so it was all new to us. BiT software was flawless from the start. We didn’t have any initial startup bugs.

Parts & POS is what we rely on the most. The software integrates well with our suppliers and we don’t have to spend a lot of time maintaining the system.

I don’t think there’s anything else on the market that I’d consider."